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i'm baaack
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So, Happy St. Patrick's Day, of course... it's a couple minutes after midnight for me, so technically speaking, it's St. Patty's Day here.

Alright, so, a lot of changes have occurred around/for the site! As you can see I have a new layout up (the previous layout had a short life span of about 18 months, but I just felt like changing it on a whim), the brush page has been redone, the archives section has been updated through the 2011 year, all empty or inactive hostee accounts have been deleted (inactive for over a year or so were deleted), I have reinstated my hosting offer to fellow designers, I've created a mailing list for the site as well a Facebook account (which has zero likes so far, so please head over there and help me out), I finally have standard link back images (in sidebar with a link to others), and I've updated the Twitter account, credits list, and previous layouts page.

I'm currently looking for new affiliates who have fabulous design skills, so please apply and/or suggest sites for me to look at. I've been gone for a while so I don't really know who's who or what's what.

I also plan on redoing the site info and about me, probably right after I publish this update.

17 Mar 2012 by Spencer; would you like to comment?
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